A A N = Asociacion De Ayuda Necesitado
Help and assistance where or when necessary

The charity started about 8 years ago by Pauline Prior ( now in the UK). Her and Peter, her husband, started by doing quiz nights and the money was used to buy a few bits to help out with a handful of family´s.

Over the years they registered the charity and it has grown to what it is today. We now have up to 60 family´s a month on our list. We spend on average 900 to 1400 euros per month on food, cleaning products and personal hygiene products. In fact last month the bill for food was 1600 euros.

Our charity shop is open six morning a week. Monday to Friday 10-2pm, Saturday 10-1pm. We are in Calle Sierra Castilla 42 (near Cards and More and Jacks Bar).

The list of family´s comes from Social Services, we don´t have access to address or phone numbers for privacy reasons, however, they have to show us some sort of I.D.

The food is ordered from Dialprix and delivered to the Catholic church where we have a large storage room, and the food boxes are collected from there by the family´s.

Each Christmas we put out our shoe box appeal. I will make up a list of boys and girls with their ages and people write on the box which child it will be suitable for.
Each child will usually be given two or three gifts depending on how generous people are.

Two years ago I heard about an orphanage in Orihuela, San Jose Obrero. At the moment they have 53 children aged between 8 and 17. Although we do not provide food to them, we do take a lot of clothes, shoes and toys throughout the year, and of course Christmas.

Our secretary Christine attends a church in Torrivieja which is involved in helping a charity called Reach Out, again, for the needy and homeless. With a lack of visitors to La Marina this year and, therefore no need for travel cots, prams and other baby goods, we were able to give our overstock to Reach Out. The two charity's often help each other.

During the year we normally hold two Fashion Shows and Two Race Nights.

The list shows the items that we buy each month if anyone would like to make a donation. If anyone would like to donate a bottle, box of biscuits or chocolates for raffle prizes we would be very grateful.

On behalf of everyone at A A N


Brenda Bentley

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